Extending Reach & Maximizing Event Video Value with AI


Event videos have become a valuable asset for businesses and organizations looking to engage their audiences, whether it’s a conference, product launch or special event. However, the challenge lies in extending the reach of these videos and making them accessible to a broader audience while also repurposing them effectively. Fortunately, AI can streamline and enhance event video management, making it easier than ever to achieve these goals. 

Our AI partner, Vidable®, offers a go-to playbook for live, virtual and hybrid event video management and planning. Leveraging AI for Event Video: Actionable Strategies to Delight Attendees, Deliver Engaging Content and Attract Sponsors is a comprehensive e-book that will help you start incorporating AI solutions into event video management now.  

Consider some of the key ways that AI can enhance the event experience for attendees and planners. 

Enhance ROI Across the Event Lifecycle 

Event managers know the meticulous planning, coordination and steadfast execution it takes to deliver meaningful and memorable events. All that effort should not end when the event does; AI capabilities can extend the positive impact of an event through streamlined management of event video content. 

What exactly does this mean for event planners and managers?  

Using AI for event video management can help you: 

  • Better plan future event session content to reach new, broader audiences 
  • Identify and capture key moments during the event 
  • Reimagine the post-event channels where your event video can be easily and quickly shared 

Reach New, Global Audiences 

AI has the capability to elevate the event attendee experience by delving into audience preferences and characteristics, enabling event organizers to tailor their content delivery precisely to meet attendees’ needs. Through AI-powered analytics and tracking tools, AI can facilitate in-depth audience profiling, providing event planners with a more comprehensive understanding of attendee demographics, viewing behaviors and preferences. Event planners and managers can use this information to identify and reach new attendee groups and share subsequent event video content and highlights with audiences who desire it most.  

Moreover, using AI for event video management streamlines the ability to reach global audiences. AI-powered auto-captioning and language translation features can break down language barriers and make your event video content accessible to viewers around the world. Easy language translation means that you can connect with audiences in different regions, expanding your reach and increasing your event’s global presence. Additionally, auto-captioning may enhance search engine optimization (SEO), making it easier for your content to be discovered and shared. 

Repurpose Event Video Content with AI 

AI can also help you market and resell encore presentations of your event. By identifying which parts of your event were the most popular or valuable, you can create tailored packages not only for different target audiences but in multiple video or audio formats. This not only generates additional revenue but also keeps your event content alive and relevant long after the initial broadcast and distribution. 

In short, AI has the potential to transform event video management by extending the reach of your content, breaking down language barriers, and offering powerful tools for repurposing and monetizing your event videos. Embracing AI in your event video strategy is the key to delighting new, broader audiences and reimagining the channels through which your event content is delivered. 

Events offer a dynamic range of benefits for attendees and sponsors alike. Opportunities for thought leadership, collaborative professional networking and industry knowledge sharing are just some of the multifaceted experiences and connections that events provide. But without AI, event planners and managers can be behind the curve on enhancing event ROI.

Discuss how we can make your event video (even) easier with AI. 

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Extending Reach & Maximizing Event Video Value with AI

Event videos have become a valuable asset for businesses and organizations. Learn how to extend reach and maximize your event video value.