Elevating Event Insights with New AI Partner Vidable®

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The power of AI is finally coming to the events industry! Every day, live, virtual and hybrid events across the world create an enormous amount of videos. And until now, there hasn’t been a good way to analyze that content, review it for insights or leverage it at scale. Advancements in AI and ML are changing that.  

Event professionals have relied on traditional metrics (i.e., attendance, surveys and retention) to interpret whether an event was successful. But these metrics only offer limited insight into the complexity of event ROI. Event video content is filled with rich data – and AI allows us to mine it for new, meaningful insights that will help event professionals improve event planning and execution.   

AI Unlocks New Opportunities for Event Video 

We are excited to partner with fellow Sonic Foundry brand Vidable®, which recently announced its plans to develop an AI offering focused specifically on events and helping professionals better analyze video content. By blending Vidable’s AI technology expertise with our industry experience, we aim to create a solution that will make it easier for event professionals to delight their attendees and support sponsors. 

Mike Snavley, General Manager, shared, “Accordingly, the next phase of Vidable’s go-to-market strategy will involve partnering with Video Solutions customers to mine video captured at live conferences for insights that help sponsors understand attendee sentiment and help conference promoters better serve the needs of their attendees. Ultimately, we believe this is a model for helping organizations to substantiate the ROI of event sponsorship with far more definition than was previously possible.” 

Over the next several months, we will be working together to develop an innovative solution that will take event analytics to the next level. Interested in event analytics and have some ideas you want us to consider? Connect with our team today!  



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